Let real-time biometrics help you win the battle against fraud

WhoYou allows real-time mobile verification against the South African National Population Register (NPR) database. We verify your clients by matching their ID number to their fingerprints and returning the corresponding ID photo to you, proving their identity.

WhoYou mobile technology enables corporates and individuals to match fingerprints against the NPR in real-time to mitigate the risk of identity fraud.

WhoYou can be integrated into any system without the need to change its front-end. This ensures fast implementation of biometrics and easy transition for your existing users. Thanks to a comprehensive set of REST APIs and SDK, integration is completed within days.

Optimised for mobile

Our technology is based on contactless biometrics optimised for mobile devices. WhoYou works on all Android smartphones equipped with a 5MP rear-facing camera and LED flash. It doesn’t require any additional hardware or sensors and is ready to deploy in any custom app using WhoYou’s SDK.

WhoYou is also available as a windows desktop application that is compatible with most common fingerprint scanners. You can choose to use your existing scanners or buy scanners directly from us.

Our output images are compatible with existing fingerprint standards as we deliver them in various formats (RAW, WSQ, ISO, ANSI, NIST etc.) Liveness and anti-spoofing mechanisms are supported through extensive analysis of parameters that we extract from the captured camera images, ensuring that copies, pictures and moulds are rejected.

WhoYou complies with the following biometric standards