Protecting and empowering your business through digital identities.

WhoYou offers advanced identity verification solutions that help to eliminate the risk of fraud. Through our biometric, customer onboarding and digital identity products and services, we create virtual vaults for customer information to ensure our clients know who they are dealing with.

Our one-time verification (OTV) solution is a critical part of our service offering. It enables our clients to verify their customers’ identity through their biometric information – a more rigorous and secure option than the provision of one-time pins (OTPs), which can be compromised.

How it works

1. Biometrics

A critical step for identity verification is to accurately capture the customer’s biometrics. Our technology is based on contactless biometrics specifically designed for mobile devices. WhoYou is available on any Windows, Android or iOS smart device. The WhoYou Windows application is compatible with most fingerprint scanners, allowing you to either use your existing scanners or to purchase these directly from us.

Fingerprint & facial biometrics
WhoYou has the ability to capture customer’s fingerprint or facial biometrics

One-Time Verification
OTV is a better and safer alternative to One-Time Pin (OTP) for businesses.

2. Customer onboarding

Biometric onboarding enables you to adopt an omni-channel approach to onboarding your customers, meaning they can verify themselves anytime and anywhere. WhoYou also offers a full on-boarding suite for Customer Identity Verification, automated KYC certificates, Sanctions Screening, Customer Due Diligence and Risk Rating of new clients.

  • Biometrics – Finger and Face
  • Passport & ID Document OCR and validation
  • KYC Checks
  • Real time Bank Account Verification
  • Sanctions Screening / PEPS / Adverse Media
  • Knowledge Based Authentication

3. Digital ID creation

We create a digital identity that provides you with all the necessary information on your customer base, enabling you to better manage business risks. Digital identities that are created through biometric verification and real-time identity checks optimise your data-gathering processes and are a more secure method of reducing fraud.

  • Fingerprint and facial information storage
  • Indexed filing system with custom attributes
  • Indexed documents and photos
  • Previous reports and checks

Contact us today to find out how we can help you

Contact us today to find out how we can help you