WhoYou App Download
Please download the app by clicking on either one of the links below on your Android or Apple device.


WhoYou can be integrated into any system without the need to change its front-end. This ensures fast implementation of biometrics and easy transition for your existing users. Thanks to a comprehensive set of REST APIs, integration is completed within days.

The WhoYou team have built an API integration tool to assist our clients when using our products. The integration tool is a click-once link that must be opened with either Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

WhoYou REST API Integration Tool

Please contact us or chat to one of our sales agents for further information.

WhoYou Windows Installation

  1. Please download the following files:
    Microsoft Visual C++ Files
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 x64 bit
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 x86 bit
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019
    Microsoft DotNET Framework Files
    DotNET Frameworks 3.5
    DotNET Frameworks 4.8
    Once the files listed above have been installed, then download the vault using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.
  2. Download the Trusted Vault
  3. Click on the Desktop Icon to access the Vault
  4. login using your allocated Username and Password
  5. Network and Security Settings Checklist:
    • Proxy Settings may be blocking the Fides Trusted Vault from opening. To fix this go to Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Untick: Use a Proxy Server -> Click OK
    • Add the following sites to the list of Trusted Sites:
      • (net.tcp://
      • Port 70 000

Registration Process for Afiswitch Users

In order to register users with Afiswitch, please email [email protected] the following documentation:

  • User Application Form
  • Latest Criminal Check
  • Training Certificate
  • Copy of your ID

New User Application Form

Dual User Application Form

* If you have performed criminal checks before, please complete the Dual User Application Form

Assistance via our Online Chat or remote device software

If you are having difficulties with either your hardware or software, we are more than happy to chat to you online or do a remote device session with you.