Customer onboarding

WhoYou offers a full on-boarding suite for Customer Identity Verification, automated KYC certificates, Sanctions Screening, Customer Due Diligence and Risk Rating of new clients.

Introducing new customers to your business can be a painstaking and risky procedure. It can often be difficult to guarantee the identities of prospective customers, and the possibility of fraud is high. WhoYou offers a seamless solution to the customer onboarding process, one of the most important components of which is our One-time Verification (OTV) solution.

In the case of group companies, all data is centrally held, which means that a customer only needs to have their data captured once in order for it to be accessed by multiple, country-wide divisions. This not only improves the customer experience; it also enables the individual businesses concerned as well as the group company to closely monitor their customers’ data and movements. This eliminates the risk of card cloning, identity theft and fraud

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