Being able to access real-time biometric data ensures that you are dealing with the right person anddramatically reduces the possibility of fraud. WhoYou digitally records an individual’s fingerprint – either through an in-store fingerprint scanner or remotely through the WhoYou app – and cross-checks this against their identity number.

WhoYou caters for multi-modal biometrics through facial recognition that can match against the photograph retrieved from the Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS), and produces a detailed report with all information pertaining to that person, including their Home Affairs-registered photograph. 

With our WhoYou app, which works on all iOS, Android and Windows smartphones equipped with a 5MP rear-facing camera and LED flash, biometric and digital information can easily be gathered and stored. No additional hardware, sensors or scanners are required. 

WhoYou has implemented various quality control measures to enhance this service. These include the use of minimum requirements to ensure that only high-quality fingerprints are captured, and real-time checks to confirm whether the fingerprint concerned is already being used against a different identity. 

WhoYou complies with the following biometric standards

WhoYou is also available as a Windows desktop application that is compatible with most fingerprint scanners. You can choose to use your own scanner or you can buy a scanner directly from us.

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