Products & Services

WhoYou offers three technologically advanced products and services: biometrics, customer onboarding and digital identity creation. These products are not mutually exclusive. Instead, they all work together to deliver a customised and comprehensive solution that perfectly suits our clients’ requirements. The information sourced by each product is centrally stored in secure and personalised vaults that can be accessed by our clients quickly and easily. 

The data we store on every individual is housed in a unique and secure digital space, which we call the vault. The vault is an electronic safety deposit box that holds all the information related to a specific person. This information typically comprises basic details such as an individual’s identity number, name, photograph and fingerprint, but may also include more complex data, such as background checks that have been requested by our clients. These background checks could cover an individual’s criminal record, qualifications, drivers’ licence and credit rating.

Depending on our clients’ requirements, an individual’s vault may also be verified by the Department of Home Affairs.

The unique identifier for each vault is an individual’s identity number or, in the case of non-South African citizens, a passport number. Vaults can be hosted on our clients’ premises or through the WhoYou environment, and can be viewed individually or from our web portal. Detailed reports on every vault are available for download. 

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