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WhoYou can be integrated into any system without the need to change its front-end. This ensures fast implementation of biometrics and easy transition for your existing users. Thanks to a comprehensive set of REST APIs and an SDK, integration is completed within days.

Our pricing caters for individuals, SMEs and large corporates. Incorporate biometrics into your business with or without using fingerprint scanners.

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Further information regarding the WhoYou NPR Corporate AFIS Solution

WhoYou’s NPR AFIS Solution was built on the Fides biometric authentication back-office. The biometric solution caters for the storing, de-duplication and verification of fingerprints. It gives companies the ability to query Home Affairs once for an ID verification, and thereafter query their existing database of NPR -verified prints when engaging with the customer upon each interaction.

For further information regarding our full AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification Solution) please contact us here.

Other services we provide:

Identity checks:
ID Verification, Consumer Trace, Credit Checks, Bank Account Verification, KYC Check including Sanctions Screening, Adverse Media.

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