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Financial Services

WhoYou is ideal for onboarding new customers (KYC), and for claims against policies – such as life cover or funeral policies. Identity verification is critical when processing claims to ensure that your organisation does not fall victim to claims fraud. Enrolled dependents are linked to policies to ensure that, in the event of a claim, the dependent is, in fact, claiming on behalf of the primary member’s policy.

  • Enable your customers to have the ability to open an account from the comfort of their home.
  • Reduce customer pain-points by enabling them to submit claims by verifying their identities remotely.
  • Use WhoYou to mitigate identity fraud in any process where identity fraud can impact your business.
  • WhoYou assists businesses in complying with the FIC Amendment Act by introducing WhoYou as a risk-based approach with regards to solving proof of life during the customer due diligence process.
  • Embedding the WhoYou SDK into the mobile claim or authorisations process ensures accountability and trace-ability.


People walk in and out of car dealerships on a daily basis and their identities aren’t verified before getting into one of your high-value cars. Affordability assessments and credit checks are performed on an individual’s ID number which may not be the person in front of you. Just like the banks, make sure you know who you are dealing with before transacting with any individual.

WhoYou in the motor industry caters for identity verification as follows:

  • Verify the identity of the buyer before letting a potential customer take a car for a test drive
  • Verify the identity of the buyer or seller of the car before purchase or rental
  • Verify the identity of the individual before applying for vehicle financing


WhoYou provides seamless identity verification for patients at doctors’ rooms, dispensaries, clinics and hospitals, ensuring that the individual receiving treatment is the primary member or dependent on a medical aid plan. WhoYou provides both public and private healthcare the ability to have one electronic health record where each individual only needs to be verified in order for any doctor to view their health record.

  • Make sure the patient being admitted to a hospital or clinic is who they say they are.
  • Reduce medical aid claim fraud by enabling doctors and patients to verify individuals before treatments or claims.
  • Enable pharmacies and dispensaries with the ability to verify individuals before issuing prescription medication.
  • Embed the WhoYou SDK into the mobile claim process or authorisations process ensuring accountability and traceability.


Fraud detection is a critical issue for retailers determined to prevent losses and preserve customer trust. Fraud can originate from customers or people masquerading as customers, or store associates.

  • When selling products to customers over the phone, ensure you are selling your product to the correct individual by getting the person to verify who they are while on the call.
  • Use WhoYou to verify your staff before on-boarding new customers.
  • Know that the customer providing a copy of their ID document when applying for credit or signing up for a loyalty card is really who they say they are.
  • Eliminate the need for head office to review fraudulent applications and increase employee productivity while mitigating the risk of fraud.


Individuals are now linked to various SIM cards and devices such as phones and tablets that both individuals and their families use. SIM swops and identity fraud is rampant in the telco sector and MNOs need to know who their customers are. WhoYou enables them to do just that. In the telco sector, WhoYou significantly reduces fraud associated with identity theft in real-time.

WhoYou in the Telco industry caters for identity verification as follows:

  • Verify that the ID number linked to a SIM card is, in fact, the correct person and, upon delivery, ensure that the mobile device is received by the correct individual.
  • Embed WhoYou into applications and processes for mobile phone upgrades or airtime top-ups, telcos can embed WhoYou into their applications to ensure the account owner is indeed the individual requesting a phone upgrade or paying for airtime.
  • Integrate the WhoYou SDK into the mobile account origination process or authorisations process ensures accountability and traceability.


Logistic companies are verifying customer’s IDs on behalf of their clients and need to ensure they are delivering the parcel to the correct individual. Records need to be kept of which employee verified the recipient in order to mitigate the possibility of fraud. Onboard both employees as well as clients and verify them against third party sources and only incur the cost to verify themselves once with our POPI compliant storage of information related to an individual.

  • Verifying that the identity number linked to a delivery of a parcel is, in fact, the right person upon delivery.
  • Identity fraud screening by introducing biometric checks, criminal checks and driver’s license checks for onboarding of employees.
  • Logistic companies can now perform FICA and RICA checks and store these results in a centralised Digital ID store
  • Embed WhoYou into existing logistic applications and processes for identity verification where required.

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