Let real-time biometrics help you win the battle against fraud

WhoYou offers technologically advanced identity verification solutions that help to eliminate the risk of fraud. Through our biometric, customer onboarding and digital identity products and services, we create virtual vaults of information on individuals that ensure our clients are dealing with the right people.

Our one-time verification (OTV) solution is a critical part of our service offering. It enables our clients to verify their customers’ identity through their biometric information – a more rigorous and secure option than the provision of one-time pins (OTPs), which can be compromised.

WhoYou offers a full on-boarding suite of functionality capturing information required for Screening, Customer Due Diligence, Verification and Risk Rating of new clients. WhoYou’s biometrics alongside numerous demographic checks allows corporates to adhere to regulatory requirements. The result is a holistic and secure solution that guarantees peace of mind for our clients and their customers alike.

WhoYou is able to verify data in real time against the South African National Population Register by matching customers’ identity numbers to their biometric information. This process can either be undertaken in person or remotely through WhoYou’s easy-to-use app. If required, additional background checks can also be completed and this information collated. WhoYou has integrated with numerous data providers within South Africa and abroad to ensure that our customers have a holistic view of their customers and employees.