Individuals are now linked to various SIM cards and devices such as phones and tablets that both individuals and their families use. SIM swops and identity fraud is rampant in the telco sector and MNOs need to know who their customers are. WhoYou enables them to do just that. In the telco sector, WhoYou significantly reduces fraud associated with identity theft in real-time.

WhoYou in the Telco industry caters for identity verification as follows:

  • Verify that the ID number linked to a SIM card is, in fact, the correct person and, upon delivery, ensure that the mobile device is received by the correct individual.
  • Embed WhoYou into applications and processes for mobile phone upgrades or airtime top-ups, telcos can embed WhoYou into their applications to ensure the account owner is indeed the individual requesting a phone upgrade or paying for airtime.
  • Integrate the WhoYou SDK into the mobile account origination process or authorisations process ensures accountability and traceability.