Logistic companies are verifying customer’s IDs on behalf of their clients and need to ensure they are delivering the parcel to the correct individual. Records need to be kept of which employee verified the recipient in order to mitigate the possibility of fraud. Onboard both employees as well as clients and verify them against third party sources and only incur the cost to verify themselves once with our POPI compliant storage of information related to an individual. Existing courier systems can query the Digital ID platform at any time to validate the customer when interacting with them. Entities and partners of logistic companies can leverage the Digital ID platform to verify an individual either biometrically, via demographic checks or even via documentation and not have to manage duplicate records.

  • Verifying that the Identity Number linked to a delivery of a parcel is, in fact, the right person upon delivery
  • Identity fraud screening by introducing biometric checks, criminal checks and driver’s license checks for onboarding of employees.
  • Logistic companies can now perform FICA and RICA checks and store these results in a centralised Digital ID store.
  • Embed WhoYou into existing logistic applications and processes for identity verification where required.