About us

With origins dating to 2011, WhoYou has extensive experience in identity verification and fraud prevention. Our roots in the thorough and accurate biometric scanning of individuals has evolved to include customer onboarding and digital identity products and services, which help our clients build detailed repositories of their customers’ data. Our solutions are end-to-end and adhere to the highest international standards of quality.

Our systems are widely used across both the public and private sectors. In the former, our biometric authentication platform manages the identities of over 12 million government beneficiaries every day and caters for 100,000 simultaneous verifications across the country. In the latter, we help businesses ranging from major banks to established retail chains to onboard and verify new customers, and to prevent insurance, credit and identity fraud.

WhoYou is available as an iOS, Android and Windows app, as well as a Windows desktop application that is compatible with most fingerprint scanners. WhoYou seamlessly integrates into any system without the need for any front-end changes, ensuring that biometric information is quickly captured and the data of existing customers easily transferred.

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